DUY Shape screen shot


DUY Shape - ultimate waveshaping
DUY Shape is a revolutionary new sound enhancement tool based on the exclusive FDWS algorithm. FDWS stands for Frequency Dependent Wave Shaping. This new type of algorithm is faster and more accurate than previous algorithms like Fast Fourier Transform. This plug-in provides three independent user-defined Shapers with virtually infinite resolution and an incredible level of accuracy. Each Shaper has eight different Shaper Curve Types, a linear expansion function, a set of 8 factory presets for typical applications, and simultaneous Input and Output meters. The default settings will enhance your entire mix, but there is a switch which allows independent adjustment of the low, mid, or high end of the mix - for those of you who want total control. All of your settings can be saved and reloaded, making your favorite enhancements just a couple of keystrokes away. If you need dynamic enhancement, EQ, waveshaping, compression, frequency enhancement, spectral energy redistribution, or just about any other waveshaping function, DUY Shape is the solution.


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